Review: My hosting company WebHostingBuzz

I've been hosting my domain koexist.com with Web Hosting Buzz www.webhostingbuzz.com since the early 2000's, i think 2002. To be honest, I found them with a search engine and they didn't look all that established at the time. They certainly did not have the awesome site they have today. But they did have rock solid hosting. I was impressed that for $6/month I got all the bandwidth I needed and the power to host sites for my friends and clients along side mine. Today I still have the same account running koexist.com (there's not much there right now, I know) plus I've convinced my company to get one of their virutal hosting packages for unlimited FTP use.

To be fair, there have been some ups and downs... we are talking about computers here, after all. The good news is, the WHB guys are super fast to respond to support requests and I've never had to wait long for results.

So there it is, my recommendation if you're ever looking for inexpensive, solid hosting. For registration, I suggest checking out Netfirms. They have an easy panel to manage your domain registrations and automatic renewal that warns you well in advance before they charge you.



Strum Hand Twitch

Guitar- needs more bare hand twitchin slappin style

Also, Dear generic Austin white guy blues players... STOP IT


Kicking the Bee Hive

One of my favorite games writers, Leigh Alexander (SexyVideoGameLand, Gamasutra, Kotaku), brought up an item from the GDC 2009 Rants panel in an attempt to discuss maturity in games and game developers. Unfortunately it turned into the old "comic Vs. literature" debate when she kicked the nerd hive and the nerd bees came out to defend it!

Aside from that tangent, the piece is an interesting outlook that successfully distracted me this week.

David Jaffe had a solid response too. While I don't find it to the the definitive response that some of his followers think it is, I certainly don't disagree with his perspective.


I am on Twitter now: http://www.twitter.com/kidkoexist

That other guy using my name took "kidko" already. I admit I'm way late to the Tweet party.