Laptop Deathmatch: May 28th 2006

First, I have to give respect to tonight's MC, the hilarious Mr. John Freeman. Joe Butcher is not an easy act to follow, but he complimented the Nerd Rape stylings of the Butcher.

Next, my hat goes off to CYGNUS for defeating us all once again. Since I didn't think to bust out the camera phone until the very end, I only have pix of Cygnus. Oh, there's also one of Cara and I posing all cheesy with him too.

Finally, I'm announcing that the Laptop Deathmatch is my favorite night of the month, every month. I always have a blast there. I'm sure I would if I wasn't participating too. As a fan of electronic music, I'm treated with a buffet of new local artists to listen to and explore. As an electronic musician of sorts, I'm treated with the knowledge of at least 100 years of collective experience.

I'm pretty sure the crowd is getting bigger at the Deathmatch each month, but this time did seem slightly more sparse. Hopefully it's only because of the holiday weekend.

I'm so bad with names. I should have been writing them down. There were some awesome "new" people tonight that I want CDs of. One guy from Austin killed with a oxy8-sized midi controller on a strap that he played keytar style. Keytar playing bitrock just fuckin owns.

I missed bexametrix and frogboy. Where were you guys?

Mwanza looked to be having a good time. I'm glad he was able to kick back and just run the board instead of having to run around like mad.

My woman was there in full effect. I'm sure she left an impression on everyone there. Sorry doods-- she's all about THIS nerd. Back off, dogg.


kidko LIVE @ Metrognome Collective

Dallas/Fort Worth area people can see me perform live at the Metrognome Collective in Fort Worth on Saturday Night, opening for Athens, GA band Psychic Hearts (not Thurston Moore).

The music starts around 9:30 or 10:00PM, but show early for the opening of their new art gallery featuring the art of Matt Anzak.

For more info and directions visit MetrognomeCollective.org. DON'T USE MAPQUEST OR U WILL GET LOST.


Update: That was really fun! The few people who stuck it out seemed to enjoy my collection of tracks and the little bits of backstory I gave with each one. I have a long way to go in smoothing it out, but for the first straight up concert, i think it was pretty good!

James and Paul of the Metrognome mentioned a comic book event they're putting on and the possibility of me playing music that night. Some more ambitious ideas came up, but I won't jinx them by talking about it yet.


Circle R Media and Illumitoon Party

DJ Sexy Dillionaire invited me to a private mini-deathmatch at the Circle R (radioshack) office in downtown Fort Worth on Tuesday (5/2/06). We were entertainment for a private party celebrating a new company opening up called Illumitoon.

It was nine laptop musicians competing for a $500 prize. I wasn't concerned about winning, just having fun... and that I did.

It was a bit strange overall. The party seemed well organized, but our part, the mini-deathmatch, wasn't included in all of that. It didn't matter, really, we were able to throw together a show.

Of course, the crowd at this party was totally mixed, and only a handful of the guests stuck around to experience the whole thing. Apparently the idea was that the audience would help to decide which of the battlers went on to the next round... that wasn't the best idea since they didn't really want to pick sides or even have to be involved. We singled out a really nice couple, the people behind the webcomic Welcome Consumer, to be our final judges since they seemed to be some of the only people left standing after our auditory assault.

They were kind enough to carry The Wild Bull and I to the final round. As they were deciding a winner, he and I made a deal to split the winnings regardless of the outcome. We must have seen it coming, because they decided we should split it too. So I came home with a half the winnings. And I'm totally floored because the other AMAZING people who played. They were all very gracious and we had fun chatting it up at the end of our little event.

Linkage for some of the other kick ass participants that i know::::
Wolf Man
Lady Malice
Chainsaw played but I don't think i have a link for him


Laptop Deathmatch Report

Last night was probably the most fun I've had playing my electronic music. The deathmatch was a success at the DoubleWide! There were 18 players! This thing gets bigger every time. Eventually there will be so many that they'll have to start turning people away.

Event organizer and all around audio handyman Mwanza AKA The Wild Bull

won after the judges declared the final round between Mwanz and the flamboyant faux-Frenchman DJ Sexcidillionaire a tie before a crowd that wanted blood.

A tie was NOT going to cut it. The crowd chanted "TO THE DEATH! TO THE DEATH!"

They also chanted "NERD RAPE! NERD RAPE! NERD RAPE!" thanks to the MC Joe Butcher opening the show with, "I've always wanted to rape a nerd."

I should mention that I made it past the first single-elimination round, so in round 2, I was one of 8 deathmatchers left. While I was waiting for my laptop to boot, Joe told a story that involved him being 8 years old and having a necrophilic fantasy involving Burt Renyolds. Needless to say, I didn't make it past the 2nd round. I blame it on the horrible physiological response that story had on all of us... me as a performer and the judges as... well judges.

More pix for you. I'm sorry the pics SUCK but it's cuz i was using a really cheap, really free, portable Logitech webcam thing with an assed-up flash.