Circle R Media and Illumitoon Party

DJ Sexy Dillionaire invited me to a private mini-deathmatch at the Circle R (radioshack) office in downtown Fort Worth on Tuesday (5/2/06). We were entertainment for a private party celebrating a new company opening up called Illumitoon.

It was nine laptop musicians competing for a $500 prize. I wasn't concerned about winning, just having fun... and that I did.

It was a bit strange overall. The party seemed well organized, but our part, the mini-deathmatch, wasn't included in all of that. It didn't matter, really, we were able to throw together a show.

Of course, the crowd at this party was totally mixed, and only a handful of the guests stuck around to experience the whole thing. Apparently the idea was that the audience would help to decide which of the battlers went on to the next round... that wasn't the best idea since they didn't really want to pick sides or even have to be involved. We singled out a really nice couple, the people behind the webcomic Welcome Consumer, to be our final judges since they seemed to be some of the only people left standing after our auditory assault.

They were kind enough to carry The Wild Bull and I to the final round. As they were deciding a winner, he and I made a deal to split the winnings regardless of the outcome. We must have seen it coming, because they decided we should split it too. So I came home with a half the winnings. And I'm totally floored because the other AMAZING people who played. They were all very gracious and we had fun chatting it up at the end of our little event.

Linkage for some of the other kick ass participants that i know::::
Wolf Man
Lady Malice
Chainsaw played but I don't think i have a link for him

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