The Aura is Black as Oil


Oil prices should be going up again thanks to news that Abqaiq, one of the biggest oil refineries in the land of our good friends the Saudis, had an attempted gank go down today. Luckily, the brunt of the attack was stopped by Abqaiq security, but there were some explosions. The article I read didn't specify if the attackers caused it or if it was an unrelated accident. Barrels of Oil went up $2 so far in response to this.


The Aura is a Blinding White Fury

I stole this GIF because it suits me well lately:

I hate my journalism minor right now. Feature Writing, a class that seemed to be the highlight of a journalism minor turns out to be my worst class in years. We've had to sit through three guest speakers in the last two weeks. It seems like the prof is looking for any way possible to get out of having to actually TEACH us some shit. Oh, don't get me wrong, she's full of insight when it comes to scratching down some aloof comments at the end of my 1800 word article; too bad it never translates into me actually learning how to go about my writing in a "better" way.

I've contemplated dropping this class and the whole minor more times in the past few weeks than I took shits. I hate when this happens because I'm trying SO hard to forget all of the real-life problems my family and I face everyday to be able to get this fucking degree. I put aside overwhelming hopelessness and frustration just long enough to squeeze out some articles and i get worse grades than I could had I actually squeezed out some grunt in the teacher's hand.


keeping the 6800GS cool

I recently upgraded my trusty NVIDIA Ti4400 card to the 6800GS by eVGA. Since the necessary power supply upgrade (went with Enermax again) I've enjoyed amazing graphics performance on my over 3-year-old system. My only concern is that the 6800 runs at 60C, and over 70C while running WoW.

Today I ordered the Arctic Cooling NVsilencer:

I'll let you know how it goes, but from what I've read, it should knock 10-20C off both the idle and the working temperature.


new blog

probably my fourth or fifth... but only a few of them are still up:

my blog for the electronic musically inclined: kidko.em411.com
the obligitory myspace: myspace.com/kidko
my built-in website blog, which i might as well shutdown now: kid.koexist.com