Star Wars: The Old Republic is real, yay. Sorry, my enthusiasm has been hampered by the masses of forum trolls pummeling the SW:TOR forums. The old Star Wars MMO, Galaxies, had a notoriously bad community of forum trolls constantly bitching, whining and flaming and all that crap took its toll on the game and likely its developers along with it. So these guys are hitting the new MMO's forums hard. It seems to be getting better as I think the forum moderators went on high alert wielding their ban-hammers.

I picked up King's Bounty on Amazon and it arrived yesterday. Got home late after meeting a fellow musician from em411.com for a little electro music jam so I haven't even installed it yet. I'll dig into it tonight for sure and post about it soon. Then again,...

Fallout 3 is upon us (unless you're in India). It's really really here and I don't think I'll have much to say about anything else besides Fallout 3 once I get it in my sweaty hands. Bethesda love + Fallout love = nerdgasm of bleach the sheets proportions. Soak it in:


BioWare and Lucas Arts, like mint and chocolate

Two mighty forces of geekery and awesome are joining forces once again to bring me (ok, and a few million other fans) sheer joy. Its like an Oreo Blizzard with mint ice cream when the mighty storytelling game company BioWare and the gatekeepers of all that is Star Wars video gaming, Lucas Arts, join forces to create a "groundbreaking interactive product". Er, couldn't they just say game?

It's been two years since they officially announced the collaboration and we haven't heard a single detail about what it actually is. This week, game journos interweb-wide received this fancy invitation in the mail:

I'm a bit surprised honestly. I was beginning to think they'd never tell us and just hoard the hot hot awesome all to themselves. Of course, their new big papa, Electronic Arts would never let that happen. They want the monies! As a shareholder, so do I! Let's see the money, BioWareLucasArtsDudes.


The Long Lost Blog

So I resurrected this blog again with the intention of getting motivated to blog a lot then letting it dissolve once I get bored with it.

The fun thing about finding this blog again is looking back. The first thing that stood out was the title. It used to be called "Aura of Frustration". Wow, I was a tad more angsty back then. Not surprising, of course, since I was in college, had a crappy job and was continually dating really disappointing women.

Life is on the other end of the spectrum now. I graduated, got a job with OkraTron 5000, voice over company which turned into a job for GL33k game audio company. I moved in with my sweet lady and we moved together with GL33k to Austin, TX.

Now I've got the job I've always dreamed about and a good girl who's just the right amount of exciting and I live in a town that's full of bars, parties and big events and isn't shy about getting it's freak on.

I'm motivated to start this blog up again to start talking about games and game theory, linking to smart people on the web who are pushing boundaries and doing things I want to get into. The first one is Jane McGonigal. If you know her it's probably because she's recognized by smart-person entities like MIT and Harvard for having breakthrough ideas on Alternate Reality Games or ARGs. You might also know of the Halo 2 viral marketing campaign "ilovebees" which is what got me interested.

Now she's launching a new ARG called Superstruct: