Star Wars: The Old Republic is real, yay. Sorry, my enthusiasm has been hampered by the masses of forum trolls pummeling the SW:TOR forums. The old Star Wars MMO, Galaxies, had a notoriously bad community of forum trolls constantly bitching, whining and flaming and all that crap took its toll on the game and likely its developers along with it. So these guys are hitting the new MMO's forums hard. It seems to be getting better as I think the forum moderators went on high alert wielding their ban-hammers.

I picked up King's Bounty on Amazon and it arrived yesterday. Got home late after meeting a fellow musician from em411.com for a little electro music jam so I haven't even installed it yet. I'll dig into it tonight for sure and post about it soon. Then again,...

Fallout 3 is upon us (unless you're in India). It's really really here and I don't think I'll have much to say about anything else besides Fallout 3 once I get it in my sweaty hands. Bethesda love + Fallout love = nerdgasm of bleach the sheets proportions. Soak it in:

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