BioWare and Lucas Arts, like mint and chocolate

Two mighty forces of geekery and awesome are joining forces once again to bring me (ok, and a few million other fans) sheer joy. Its like an Oreo Blizzard with mint ice cream when the mighty storytelling game company BioWare and the gatekeepers of all that is Star Wars video gaming, Lucas Arts, join forces to create a "groundbreaking interactive product". Er, couldn't they just say game?

It's been two years since they officially announced the collaboration and we haven't heard a single detail about what it actually is. This week, game journos interweb-wide received this fancy invitation in the mail:

I'm a bit surprised honestly. I was beginning to think they'd never tell us and just hoard the hot hot awesome all to themselves. Of course, their new big papa, Electronic Arts would never let that happen. They want the monies! As a shareholder, so do I! Let's see the money, BioWareLucasArtsDudes.

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