kidko LIVE @ Metrognome Collective

Dallas/Fort Worth area people can see me perform live at the Metrognome Collective in Fort Worth on Saturday Night, opening for Athens, GA band Psychic Hearts (not Thurston Moore).

The music starts around 9:30 or 10:00PM, but show early for the opening of their new art gallery featuring the art of Matt Anzak.

For more info and directions visit MetrognomeCollective.org. DON'T USE MAPQUEST OR U WILL GET LOST.


Update: That was really fun! The few people who stuck it out seemed to enjoy my collection of tracks and the little bits of backstory I gave with each one. I have a long way to go in smoothing it out, but for the first straight up concert, i think it was pretty good!

James and Paul of the Metrognome mentioned a comic book event they're putting on and the possibility of me playing music that night. Some more ambitious ideas came up, but I won't jinx them by talking about it yet.

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