Laptop Deathmatch: May 28th 2006

First, I have to give respect to tonight's MC, the hilarious Mr. John Freeman. Joe Butcher is not an easy act to follow, but he complimented the Nerd Rape stylings of the Butcher.

Next, my hat goes off to CYGNUS for defeating us all once again. Since I didn't think to bust out the camera phone until the very end, I only have pix of Cygnus. Oh, there's also one of Cara and I posing all cheesy with him too.

Finally, I'm announcing that the Laptop Deathmatch is my favorite night of the month, every month. I always have a blast there. I'm sure I would if I wasn't participating too. As a fan of electronic music, I'm treated with a buffet of new local artists to listen to and explore. As an electronic musician of sorts, I'm treated with the knowledge of at least 100 years of collective experience.

I'm pretty sure the crowd is getting bigger at the Deathmatch each month, but this time did seem slightly more sparse. Hopefully it's only because of the holiday weekend.

I'm so bad with names. I should have been writing them down. There were some awesome "new" people tonight that I want CDs of. One guy from Austin killed with a oxy8-sized midi controller on a strap that he played keytar style. Keytar playing bitrock just fuckin owns.

I missed bexametrix and frogboy. Where were you guys?

Mwanza looked to be having a good time. I'm glad he was able to kick back and just run the board instead of having to run around like mad.

My woman was there in full effect. I'm sure she left an impression on everyone there. Sorry doods-- she's all about THIS nerd. Back off, dogg.

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