Laptop Deathmatch Report

Last night was probably the most fun I've had playing my electronic music. The deathmatch was a success at the DoubleWide! There were 18 players! This thing gets bigger every time. Eventually there will be so many that they'll have to start turning people away.

Event organizer and all around audio handyman Mwanza AKA The Wild Bull

won after the judges declared the final round between Mwanz and the flamboyant faux-Frenchman DJ Sexcidillionaire a tie before a crowd that wanted blood.

A tie was NOT going to cut it. The crowd chanted "TO THE DEATH! TO THE DEATH!"

They also chanted "NERD RAPE! NERD RAPE! NERD RAPE!" thanks to the MC Joe Butcher opening the show with, "I've always wanted to rape a nerd."

I should mention that I made it past the first single-elimination round, so in round 2, I was one of 8 deathmatchers left. While I was waiting for my laptop to boot, Joe told a story that involved him being 8 years old and having a necrophilic fantasy involving Burt Renyolds. Needless to say, I didn't make it past the 2nd round. I blame it on the horrible physiological response that story had on all of us... me as a performer and the judges as... well judges.

More pix for you. I'm sorry the pics SUCK but it's cuz i was using a really cheap, really free, portable Logitech webcam thing with an assed-up flash.

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