I’m hoping to get a callback on a resume I submitted to a new Dallas film studio. The company sounds exactly like what I’ve been wanting to be involved with for the past few years.

Their setup looks awesome. If you click the link to their studio layout, you can see they have a dedicated Final Cut Pro room, a sound room, several large filming studios… so much going on that I’d love to be involved in.

The best part is they’re right here in town. Not L.A. or New York! I could work for them while I finish my degree. Eventually I would prove myself worthy in some part of their operation as I have in every other profession opportunity I’ve had.

They’re even on the same street as the studio my girlfriend works on! That’s a great bonus.

I sent my resume last week and sent a follow-up email this week. I hate to pester them, but I also want to prove that I’m committed to this offer and that I’m serious. I think I’ll call the number on their website and follow-up that way today.

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