Laptop Deathmatch Halloween Party 2006

The Laptop Battle Dallas chapter, Laptop Deathmatch, holds an annual Halloween Party where we put down our gloves and put on costumes. We come dressed as whoever we mash-up or remix.

For me, it was a chance to resurrect the corpse of Kurt Cobain, now Kurt NoBrain, and have him unleash vengeance on all who marginalized him or his family as well as those who idolized him to an embarrassing degree.

I did a 12-something minute remix/demix/decomposition/destruction set of Nirvana starting with a Seattle news report that aired the eve of his death.

I hit play on the clip and fell to the edge of the stage so everyone could see the bloody spot on the back of my head as they witnessed Kurt rising from the grave. Bleach's Blew and Big Cheese started off the set spewing hate and destruction to all.

Next a clip from an interview with Cobain plays over a loop from the Unplugged version of Dumb where Cobain mentions how happy he was to have found a mate. This is where my girlfriend Cara, dressed as a damn fine Courtney Love, stumbled to the stage with a mock-drunk smugness for a big wet kiss with her long-dead corpse of a husband.

She was the crowd's darling.

After a spacey droning rendition of Dumb, psychedelic enough to piss off Nirvana's obsessive "punk" followers, Kurt summoned the 100-ton weight of the mega hit album Nevermind to finish off anyone left in the crowd.

Kurt's then delivered his parting message punctuated by two high-flying middle fingers: "I don't regret a thing!"

Kurt's final message repeated in warped echoes and distortion, fading away as he crawled back to his grave.

All that was left was the looping segment of an old Cobain interview of him saying "I was suicidal, I just didn't want to live" when Courtney gave Kurt's corpse a final farewell.

some other pics...

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